Tariffs & Rates

 Normal RatesSenior Citizens (Year 60 and above)
DescriptionInterest PaymentInterest Rate (p.a.)Annual Effective RatesInterest Rate (p.a.)Annual Effective Rates
1 MonthInterest at maturity6.506.706.506.70
3 MonthsInterest at maturity7.
6 MonthsInterest at maturity8.
12 MonthsInterest paid monthly8.258.578.759.11
12 MonthsInterest at maturity8.508.509.009.00
24 MonthsInterest paid monthly9.7510.2010.2510.75
24 MonthsInterest paid annually10.0010.0010.5010.50
24 MonthsInterest at maturity10.259.7710.7510.23
36 MonthsInterest paid monthly10.2510.7510.7511.30
36 MonthsInterest paid annually10.5010.5011.0011.00
36 MonthsInterest at maturity10.759.7511.2510.16
48 MonthsInterest paid monthly10.5011.0211.0011.57
48 MonthsInterest paid annually10.7510.7511.2511.25
48 MonthsInterest at maturity11.009.5411.509.92
60 MonthsInterest paid monthly11.0011.5711.5012.13
60 MonthsInterest paid annually11.2511.2511.7511.75
60 MonthsInterest at maturity11.509.5112.009.86

DescriptionFacility AmountFee per facility
Leasing Up to Rs. 1,000,000/-Rs. 5,000/-
Rs. 1,000,001/- to Rs. 2,000,000/-Rs. 12,500/-
Rs. 2,000,001/- to Rs. 3,000,000/-Rs. 15,500/-
Rs. 3,000,001/- to Rs. 5,000,000/-Rs. 17,500/-
Above Rs. 5,000,001/-Rs. 25,500/-
Mortgage Loan FacilitiesUp to Rs. 5,000,000/-0.3% of the facility amount subject to minimum Rs. 5,000/-
Above Rs. 5,000,001/-0.5% of the facility amount subject to minimum Rs. 50,000/-
Business Loan facilities Up to Rs. 2,000,000/-1% of the facility amount
Above Rs. 2,000,001/-0.5% of the facility amount subject to minimum Rs. 200,000/-
Pledge LoanUp to Rs. 2,000,000/-Rs. 5,000/-
Above Rs. 2,000,001/-Rs.10,000/-